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Alright, as much as a love wrenching on shit, I love riding a lot more. Everyone does for the most part, but when those flowing locks aren't in the wind or when your not at the bar it's nice to have some shit to work on. Since I bought my first bike I've been working on it. Hell, I had to learn how to work on it for it to even turn over. I'll be honest, I didn't know my ass from my elbow, still don't.

A lot of us are riding old shit, plain and simple. Yeah, they got soul and I'm not much for Harley's new line, but those bikes are gonna be getting miles when ours are down and out. I've never ridden a newer bike because money is constantly an issue with me, ask Tim....This circumstance kind of fell into my lap. I was bored, cruising craiglist like everyone else in the world looking for rando-parts. This guy up the road had stuff in boxes, new/old and this motor out of a soft-tail. Spun a bearing. I can't remember what the post said? Whatever he called it definitely isn't a part on any motorcycle, anywhere. I email him, ask him if the "cam bearing" shit the bed, sure enough it did. My interest was peaked, the guy wasn't too savvy with motors. Went over and looked the motor over, told him I'd like to talk shop. Wayne, that was the guys name, asks me to wait a day for a VA head to come through. So I wait. Ship Fingers a fender for sweet cocaine in the morning, roll around the park a while, just waiting. Gotta go to work, head to the car and the phone rings. It's Wayne, says the guy never showed. We negotiated, reached a very fair compromise.

Started going through the tub:

Gangs all here for the top end:

A good bit of stuff missin for the gear case, pistons and rods look good. We'll see how the bottom end looks when I split the cases.

The culprit. Harley fucked up putting this style cam bearing in the motor, they later corrected their mistakes. This started as a late shovel problem.

Chewed the cam up nicely:

Pinion gear if straight fuckkkeeddd:

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dudleyhd said...

i once fixed one of these the cam bearing chewed the lower part of the hole

i made a bushing and pinned it in
like a panheads or knuckles

that was 1997 its still running on the same motor