Finger Food Friday (MONDAY).... Baltimore a Go Go....

Hey all you weirdos, freaks and lurkers, Fingers back from Baltimore. No it's not L.A.

Let's just say the jam started bad for me and Blondie right from the start. We left Buffalo at 5 am in a fucking blizzard - couldn't see shit... once we hit the Penn. state line it was clear sailing.

I was really stoked to meet more of our love machine family haha. Was also hopin' to score some shit for Sweet Cocaine. We hit Baltimore at about noon and it looked like we didn't miss much.... Jay never cuts loose till the sun goes down...haha wait till that brother is free from his commitment - the chicks better run or get ready.

It was kool to roll in and it was already going pretty good. All in all was a killer time except for the e fuck face that wanted to scew me and Tim on the tranny deal - hope it falls on his foot and he trips into a wall and gets a black eye..... for me it was great meeting kool kats that I have spoken to or made parts for - George your a gas man we need to kick back and spill the wine man... Jay, you're out there and I thought I was out there just don't go out of the box haha. From the Freaks to the Hated to Low Side and Cut Rate and everyone that made me and Blondie feel good - thanks! And to see my lords of mayhem brother Mario was super... too bad we just couldn't all get a hippie commune but all choppers no dope - weld fab create sick shit.

The ride to Buffalo was weird. On the way I spotted at a candle store - now don't think I've gotten all sideways or anything but candles are kool, ok kool. Well, I spot this newspaper article on the chick that owns the joint - seems she is recognized as one of the 50 best women in business in Penn. by the governor - not too bad. As I'm reading the article she (her name is Pat) makes reference to her life and career as blind faith. She pours 50 thousand pounds of wax a year. That is serious. She looks a lot like Joan Lunden from TV - a sharp woman. So, when she started to tell me the story of how her and Greg, her ol' man, used to ride a '81 shovel it came across as a little odd. They rode up until she became pregnant and the shovel was sold. I was sucked right in to the story.

I thought that's where the story was going to end but, nope, even after they sold it they always kept track of that old shovel. When the new owner's wife got pregnant that old shovel made it's way back to Pat and Greg's hands. Pat said you want to go see her in Greg's man cave? "Sure" I said thinking it was going to be some kind of geazer-glide. But when Pat threw the lights on I was shocked. It was a very sweet stripped down shovel wearing a very shiny coat of maroon paint. So these two high school sweet hearts are still living the life some 30 years later. Man I was floored when I left that roadside store. Thanks Pat and Greg, hope to see you soon for some ice cream.

That's it man, all for now.


Fingers - one weird mofo in a real weird world

p.s. check Pat and Greg out at colonial candlecrafters.com

p.s.s. picture with the president of the Mayans - priceless - I WIN.........................


Jay said...

haha it was good fuckin seein you and Blondie man! and yea you def. win our little hunt to find the most retarded SOA shit, my hats off to ya! haha

g.w.jeffreys said...

hell yeah fingers. it was rad as shit to meet you. thanks again for the struts and calling that dude on the mall grab!!! that was hilarious!

Jay said...

haha I forgot about that!! shit was priceless