Finger Food Friday - Respect

Hey all you weirdos, freaks and lurkers... what's happening? Me? Well, I was off the grid for a minute - but I'm fucking back at the keys. Spent the last few weeks making shit for people and I'm finally caught up in the shop.

Well' if you didn't hear, Matt Jackson from Vise Grip got wrecked by some drunk piss-pot - hang em high. All is good though, just a little road rash. I blame it on lack of respect.

I really don't know were we lost the respect we used to have. To me, I think it happened when the big dope scene in the late 80's, early 90's hit and the youth of the day and others started - viscous cycle, no respect for yourself means no respect for others.

It starts young these days. Man, if I ever told my old man or my mother to fuck off I'd be staring at the stars - pow, wham, bang.

In the early years for me there weren't many bars in Buffalo you could go into wearing a black leather. So I bought a brown one, haha... We used to hang at bars like the Belle Star; a jamming joint in the country. The Lance and Shield was around the corner in country talk, haha. Then there was the Long Branch Saloon - on Thursday a band called George Duran was there playing Southern Rock to the t. Man, they would pack the place with hippies and bikers all digging on the grove. I can hear green grass and high tides now. For the most part we all hung out at the Barrel Head with bands like Fare Trade, Cockrobin ("rock with the cock"was their motto) and many more. Actor played there too. But the most famous Buffalo rock band was Talas. They were huge, man. Billy Sheene played bass like no other. Billy went on to play with David Lee Roth for a bit.... let me get back on track.

In those days we were well respected. People just didn't fuck with bikers. We would get the occasional drunk with too much booze and too little brains and we would take care of it.

Man, when I ride now and some dumb bitch or punk thinks I'm not kool enough for their fucking world and gimme the finger it sends me over the edge. I'll chase you down till I run out of gas or blow my motor up. One time when I was in the Outlaws (wearing my patch) a couple of want to be humans decided it would be funny to get in front off me and smash the brakes on. Well, fuck me it was on... I chased that piece of shit car for about a hour till he got jammed at a light. I jumped the median pulled up behind his car threw the kickstand down. They were pinned in with no where to go - damn the bad luck, haha. I heard the doors locked as soon as I got up to the car. I started to scream at the driver through the window... then I decided to make my point. I smashed the drivers window out with the but of my 9mm. I snatched the driver half out of the car and shoved the barrel in his check and said "the only reason I don't shoot you in the face is it's a green light" and then I dropped him. I jumped back on my chopper and split, went a couple blocks made a u-turn and sure as shit the car was still there. I beeped my horn and gave them the finger - respect....

It don't always go that way, especially for me. I guess that's why I got so many arrests. I do miss those early years - they were damn fucking kool.

Fingers just a weirdo in an even weirder world, later.


dave herr said...

choppers aren't dead, they're just safe now.

Doogler said...

I guess locking his doors got him real far haha.
you can tell im in florida my tan makes me look black in that pic!

ok kyle said...

awesome man it is crazy how people think its smart to fuck with real bikers guess thars to many hog members riding in thare area haha