I went for a ride yesterday and not just around the block a real ride to do some stuff I had to get done I cant explain to you how much this feeling is like an addiction I don't know that certain people can understand that don't have a winter like we do on the east coast having to wait a couple months to go on your bike ride because its freezing cold it won't start with the snow on the ground is a terrible feeling if you have good friends you can even tell whos upset because well you just haven't been able to go riding with your friends or just for a ride to get your head clear some people just understand. So we can't live without this and never will its why we can go meet a perfect stranger rock on a bike that we did it become great friends that's why certain people pull over and help you out when your broken down because that bike looks like something they had when they were our age
all in all I just can't wait to go riding with all my real friends and have a real time