Inksmith & Rogers

looks like everyone had a blast in b-more, sucks i didnt make it especial after seeing Jays Testis on here i know i missed an amazing time.
Instead I took mini road trip to jacksonville to go get tattooed.
I met up with Mike Wilson whose my brothers boy who ive known growing up and knew was into bikes but havent seen him for 2 years.
When i told him I wanted the wolfman from Bornloser on my arm he was super in to it which in my mind theres nothing better than a tattooer who is looking forward to giving you a tattoo.
yea I know I hopped on the band wagon and got a forearm tattoo after i was hesitant but if my little brother jay can doit i figured so can i

Mike is an awesome dude and does some amazing work, if your in the southeastern region andwant some stellar ink you should hit up. www.inksmithtattoo.com

Thanks Mike


DSMatt said...

Saw that sweet tatty on the BL blog this morning...nice work! Missed you in Bodymore man! See you soon my sexy little seahorse!

Morganne said...

oh that's rad!! I saw that on the born loser blog too and I thought to myself, who could this cool guy be?! and it was YOU!

DSTim said...

Good to hear from you man... I miss you!

Michael said...

Small world. Mike did my back piece in 2007. Dude does awesome work.