4 SPEED for SALE.....

Our man from Amsterdam.... Kevin has a nice 4-speed tranny up for SALE............

If you're interested hit him up - devildogpirate@yahoo.com

So I have been talkin for some time...

about moving to the great state of Texas, in the Austin area, between talkin to Matt Jackson (http://www.visegripmc.com/), Brian (http://www.hatedoftheworld.com/) and my buddy John that I was in the service with, and numerous other people who sing its praises, I believe that's where I'll be headin after my final dealings with the man in May. Not sure what the fuck I'm gonna do, but I suppose I'll start with getting there first!

SOLD Showa 35mm front end for sale

Heres the deal, I have a nice set of showa forks which i figured before i hacked them up to and put them on ebay someone would want them the way they are since there clean and have the tabs, I have a bottom tree laying around but it may be for a 33.1 front end. I guess ill give it a week before i hack the tabs off and shave them
Shoot me an email if your interested Benji@deathscience.com


to my northern brothers:

I'm not sure who all is going on the Revenge Run, but I'm offering my place to stay, here in norfolk. Me, the peanut geeks, and a bunch of others plan to leave here friday mornin, and meet up with the ride in the Outer Banks. Just let me know.


77 days till we leave for born free!!!!!

should i start building the shovelhead ? well i got started on the seat first....... rr seat under way too..... it may not be much but its a start......

He's no Biz Markie...

But this shit is pretty cool. I'm a big Pixies fan (let the onslaught begin) from way back, so this was a cool twist on a classic for me. Hahaha... I need to stay the fuck off of Youtube.


This footage really brings me back to a time where I wasn't worried with anything, and all I could possibly fathom doing on a daily basis was skateboard. It was my first priority and the only thing that was on my mind. I'm not sure if things are simplified paired with age, or you just have better inclinations of expectations. Either way, it's been one hell of a ride and I have no plans on going anywhere.

A trip down memory lane if you will:


BOLOGNA PONY..............

So, I've always loved how the BRAIN attached his sissy-bar back pad..........

When Gorgeous asked me to hook his sissy-bar pad up I was stoked...... he just asked for some way to attach it........... I went crazy..... tooled it and gave it a distressed look...........

You can't shake the BOLOGNA PONY name now......... hahahaha...............

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Alright everybody this is real chopper shit for sale a real s u carburetor for motorcycles do not be confused with the s u carburetors that came on cars it is in perfect condition with the air cleaner contact Timw82@hotmail.com to get your hands on this sweet ass carburetor

50 Done!!!

As Tim posted, Wayne and I finished the Pan last night, got her dialed in, here is a little vid I made when we were tuning the carb and a pic,

I built this bike to sell, but I'm really gonna be sad to see her go. She really came out great and runs strong.

As always when I sell something, its no reserve to the highest bidder.

The auction is here if you feel like taking a crack at it.



Jason is DONE with his Pan.......... man, this thing is fucking RAD as hell......

That's all I got........

72 sportster sprocket/kicker cover

i need one of these. kick only, decent shape, cheap. anybody?


Shaved legs

Lloyd taught me how to shave legs with a little do this Benji do that Benji which at first felt like i was getting no where but then as the days turned into night i started to see progression.
This is my tutorial as i was learning it
the whole reason for shaving a new set of legs was mainly because one of my old legs cracked when i was trying to change the top gasket
These are a set of 35mm showa forks
Started of with cutting off the tabs with a cutting wheel
followed by a grinder
Almost ready for the lathe
I guess it all depends on what kind of lathe your using but this one requires you to remove the stud bolts from the leg or else the leg wont fasten safely into the lathe

once on the lathe I took a couple passes at a lite bite but than Lloyd told me i was doing it to fast
than i took a deeper bite at slower passes and thats when the legs started to show potential
I hit it with a little more sand paper then on the the polishing, then on to assembly and then back of the shovel
old and new, they look pretty close but a litte different
Finished product
Yea, I polished the brow too, im a loser
Well thats my first experience shaving legs thanks for letting me share it with you and thanks Lloyd for teaching me how to fish!


I just can't help it..........

Fred from Fulton Paint Works sent me some pictures of the progress on my trike..........

Fuck, just when I was pissed and tired of fucking with this dumb thing.......... man, this shit looks rad............. I can't wait to see it DONE.........


So, Fingers has been trying to stay out of trouble.... with limited success.... hahaha...........

Hopefully this will help him out a little......... I did some fancy fenageling and made moves to get this frame in hand to help Fingers out.........

I picked up this frame from Brock today.... this (with a title) along with the neck Diamond Dave kicked in for the cause and Fingers is JUST ABOUT cooking with gas.........

If ANYONE out there has a WELD-ON hard tail for a Shovelhead frame that they are looking to off PLEASE let me know - tim@deathscience.com

Once we have the hard tail we can really MAKE MOVES on making Fingers' dream come true.......

Thanks in advance for any help!

Oh, and Brock hooked me up with some more sweet Crude swag......... thanks, homie!

May be a LONG SHOT...........

Anyone out there got any hook ups on camping gear?

I know it's lame not to just run with a tarp and come string.......... I'm lame!

I asked my buddy the Brain to help me navigate the world of tents, sleeping bags and other necessary outdoor equipment........ bottom line for me is I want something small, light and tuff........ after a thorough tutorial and some studying on the internet I know what I want and now I just have to find it without spending a fortune.... so, I thought I'd ask here first to see if anyone out there might have a hook-up.......... if you do, shoot me an email..........

I am looking for the Sierra Designs Lightning HT 2 tent and the Marmot Arete bag...... just do me a favor and don't tell me I'm crazy for my decisions.... I studied this shit for a week..... I'd rather be blissfully wrong than to be confused........ BUT if you can help me out in finding this shit CHEAP I'd be really really appreciative!

Thanks for reading.....



Sneek Peekn' Home Boi

Im shaving and polishing my first set of legs with ofcourse a little fine tuning from lloyd and i just couldnt contain myself so heres the first leg complete, you can see how dull i look compared to the blang!

Awww, isn't he cute...?

I got my baby bird in the mail today (thanks Chico), so I had to make it a proper home. Found a piece of chromed sheet metal in the shop, and 1 hour later I got a taillight/tag mount for my sissybar. Still need to clean the edges up a little, and give it a polish...Revenge Run is fast approaching!


Looking to sell or trade my 1977 dodge van..........

1977 dodge tradesman 100 good shape new wheels new tires floor has been gone thru no rust and i coated it with por15 put new rubber in front just had a tuneup runs great.....looking at wideglides thinking about putting lots of miles down this summer... will include a new set of hooker stainless sidepipes and a crusty set of keystone wheels and various other parts i have lying around...looking for 5000.00 hit me up if your interested or have questions..... vander@deathscience.com

also on ebay.........

Best Boots in The World

Red Wing 866.  My old man wore Red Wing's for 35 years working for the NC Dept. of Transportation.  Finally got myself a pair from him and mama for my 27th birthday.  High quality AMERICAN MADE boots that will last forever... gotta break em in good before the Born Free ride.


So, I've been digging on Zach and HEAVY for years.... he GETS IT......

I've gotten to know Zach a bit over the last couple months.... he is a rad dude and I am stoked to put this collaboration shirt out.......

Once again Phil KILLED IT!

If you're into the shirt go to HEAVY and cop one........

Thanks for looking!