Awww, isn't he cute...?

I got my baby bird in the mail today (thanks Chico), so I had to make it a proper home. Found a piece of chromed sheet metal in the shop, and 1 hour later I got a taillight/tag mount for my sissybar. Still need to clean the edges up a little, and give it a polish...Revenge Run is fast approaching!


GeekDublD said...

man i gave serious thought to buying that thing...repop it so we can all have one.

americanaglory said...

were can i get 1? do you sell them? if so , shoot me ur email so i can buy.

Chico said...

Right on Matt,glad you dig it.
if i new you needed a thin chrome lic. plate mount,i would have sent you one. got a few OG ones hangin around the shelves.


Chico said...

Hey Matt,
whats that tire in your photo in the background?
5.00x16 perhaps?

DSMatt said...

That's my front tire...21x2.75

Chico said...

the other tire,in the first photo.