Finger Food Friday - Painter

Hey all you weirdos, freaks and lurkers, yeah I know you all are going through Finger Food Friday withdraw haha.

I've been busy in my little shop of horrors making shit for some really kool kats.

In 2 weeks I made 5 sets of mids, a sissybar, a stand for my bench grinder and a welding table on wheels. I've been so busy I have not done a thing to my chopper "the social deviant" or let alone sweet cocaine. Hey, I'm not bitchin'. I'm doing what I love. I really hope to see some of this stuff in person one day. I sold a tank that was on my brothers bike 25 years ago cheap because I knew the kat would do it good. Well, he sent me a pic of it the other day and I was floored - all shinny with some metal flake... the best part is he saved the 25 year old mural, bitchin' man. Then, I sold a seat that was on my first shovel chopper to another kat. He was having a shitty fucking day until he got home and saw the box at the door he was floored by it. So why did I get off of the treasures? I knew someone could use them. It was the least I could do. When I put the call out for parts for SWEET COCAINE they came flying in and I'm not talking a bunch of junk either... a solid 33 mm front end, wheels, seat, pipes, gas tank, etc... You get the picture. So, when I saw that others needed something... fuck it! The tank was hanging on my shop wall rusting. What would you do pass it on or let it rust??????

We need to think about laying it down for the next wave of freaks. Man, you cant take that shit with you when your number is up, its a wrap man...

So, for me personally there is one kat that taught me about passing it on. One man who helped me change my fucked up life. For me he is my hero the one I look up too the kat that was making the scene before making the scene was kool - PAINTER.

I had just moved to FL [I didn't know that it sucked ball sweat, yet] and was in search of a goooood painter. I was told about him by many. People told me he was a prick moody and just plain weird. But one thing everyone said without fail - he was GOOD. Perfect, how do I get a hold of him? In my fucked up head he was perfect. They told me "you can't miss him he is about 6 foot 6 inches and walks a wolf." I said "a wolf?" Yep! A wolf all 165 pounds of him.... Nobody could point me to his place... just a general vicinity. I decided I'd drive around his neighborhood looking for this weirdo walking a fucking wolf. I was beginning to think I was at the center of some fucking redneck joke when one day holy fucking shit there is this tall long haired freak walking a BIG FUCKING WOLF. Yeah, it was about 165 pounds. I pulled over jumped out and ran up to him. That was my first mistake cus it seems Mr. Wolfy is kind of, nah he is REAL fond of painter and jumps gnarling growling and all that mean animal shit at me - bout shit myself. Well, that first meeting of the painter did not go as planned but I did get his address - kool.

Well, a couple weeks later I went to look him up at his shop. My impression was the same as I was told, haha. I love you painter... He agreed to paint my tank and fenders. Like ALL painters I know he took forever - 11 months. In the time it took him to paint my shit we had begun a pretty good relationship.

One day when I was working out of town and my ol lady Blondie's car broke down. I told her to call Painter. She did. Well, all she needed was a jump and her battery cable ends tightened. Painter told her to follow him back to his shop so he could tighten them up for her...at that time I was probating for the Outlaws again. Well, Painter hooked her up with the car deal and they start talking about me and my crusade to be an Outlaw. Painter says "I cant believe he is going to do it again." Blondie says "well at least he is not going to be a pagan." Well, painter said "what if I told you I was a pagan?" "Yeah right" Blondie said. Well, Paiter went up stairs to his apt. and when he came down he was wearing his Pagan patch. Well, fuck me when my ol lady told me I couldn't believe it. Not until I saw it with my own eyes which I did very soon...

Painter was there when it was kool to be there, man. When people got beat up and nobody saw anything......

So man here's to you my hero! BIG LOVE, dad!
Forever Weird, Weird Forever

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