Finger Food Friday - Pinkarama Bama

Hey all you weirdos, freaks and lurkers, what's the word on the street?

For me it's getting close to chopper season - about 50 degrees here today. I saw a couple bikes on the road up here today - made my brain all tingly and warm, haha.

Last week we were getting to know Painter... out of everything and everyone in FLA, I truly miss him. He is a true visionary to be able to look at something raw and see the finished product and to be able to figure out the steps to get it there...

Well, this time we are going back to a time I rarely get to talk or think about. Somewhere after my PCP years and before my heroin years I ran smack into the punk scene. Let me put it right out in front I hated it at first. It took me a bit to even tolerate it. But from the beginning I dug the chicks - man nothing like a freaky chick. Well, Buffalo had a great punk scene with bars like the Continatel, the Icon, Pink Flamingo, Merlins and many more... too many kool dives to name them all. And bands like Electroman, the Fems, Paper Faces and the Googoo Dolls before they got all bubble gummy.

The Cont., as we called it, was the joint for me. After hanging out there for a few years they asked me if I wanted to work the door. "Hell no I'm not getting stuck at the door and watching the freaks walk by." There were two floors in the club. The bands played downstairs and DJ Bud spun the latest Clash or Dead Kennedy's upstairs - that was were it really happened. There would be so many punks dancing in a mirror jumping up and down I always thought the floor was going to give. It was at the Cont. I did herion for the first time fucking puced everywere. From that day for a year and 9 mounths and 26 days herion was my date - seemed like everyone had a date with smack back then.

Well, I ended up working the door for a short time with the only incident being some college kids thinking they were going to take a shot at my dear friend Mark Freeland {RIP my punk brother}. Well, part of Marks pay for playing was a case of beer. One of the three preps got Mark outside and asked him for a beer. He said "sure" and put the case down. That's when he got sucker-punched in the face. I was about 5 or so feet behind them. I pulled my Gerber dagger out and lunged fast and hard. It's not the stabbing of a person that is kool its when the knife is pulled out and air escapes the body. He dropped pretty fast. I had hit a lung, so breathing was hard and short for him. As I turned to address his college brothers they surrendered, throwing there arms up. As they grabbed their wounded friend they asked me where the hospital was. I told them I didn't know because I was from Canada, haha.

Just after this Mark got asked by a fellow bass player if he wanted to join him in New York City to do a project with David Johanson of New York Dolls fame called Our Daughters Wedding and in return Mark wanted me to go - fuck yeah!

Next week, NYC blues and the Ramones and the Clash

Big LOVE - Fingers, No. 1 Weirdo!

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Matchstick said...

epic! can't even imagine being around back then.