Gaytona Part 1

Jason came down to Uestis from Va. Along with the Injuns Wayne and Dawn.
We hit the strip and there was nothing but shitloads of people and goldwings. in situations like this it doesent matter where you are its the people that your with. that being said i had an amazing time. wayne and i were having dance offs, he also was telling me some real sweet facts and history about Indians. Since jason and wayne are light wieghts with the booze i was left to drink with dawn, I think we walked by 67 different gaggles of people and dawn would yell woo at everyone and as sure as shit they all woo'd back. I felt like i was in seaside heights boardwalk at 10pm on the fourth of july only add a million bikes. ohh and i almost forgot frigging jason speaks frigging german, no im not kidding! we hit the local arcade which the combo of video games boozes and 16 year old girls is no bueno for sweet faced benji!
on sunday i woke up in my car in a hotel parking lot, not sure where i was i saw a local McDs so i sobered up with a diet coke and a chicken biscut and drove to Eustis on sunday, yea i know its dead on sundays but i still scored some chopper goodies!
Too bad im going back up there on thursday but alteast ill be in a different area. be by the limp nickie lot on friday so if you see my sweet face wondering around like a lost dog come say hi I love meeting new people- ok that sounded a lil gay but whatevers!
This is the only daytona shot i captured, But you can get an idea for what it is by searching the surroundings
Wassel B-pack
I want this bike for the Revenge Run
Or anyone of these
or this
looking clean

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DSTim said...

Great pictures..... thanks!

That alliduckalope is AMAZING.... I would own that if I'd seen it.... sick!

Sorry I missed your call... and sorry I haven't called you back yet.... I suck..... I love you, girl!