Gaytona part 2

I decided to rip up to daytona on a solo run on thursday, I will admit i stoped under a couple over passes to escape the rain and everytime i stopped i asked my self if im really tryin to ride the rest of the way or should i turn back, I was supposed to meet little brother jay 160 miles up so i booked it all the rest of the way and it was worth it.
I will admit i didnt take many picture
Finally had the honor of meeting morganne and her bf Phil from the Custom shop blog, wich is prety sweet so check it out http://customshopauto.blogspot.com/
Met up with the haints boys and Warren, cody and jeremiah from Milwaukee and we all formed a circle of amazement, Even had a Smallest nipple contest to replace the wheelie compentition which has been postponed to a later more or less because im afraid of somebodys sweet pogo wheelies. Met some sweet foreiners, and some of the local floridian faces like Eric from FNA Customs and Boston mike and I found out who the fuck roadside marty was And Sweet faced donuts Cool Guy bar none. i know im missing mad shit but it will all come back to me, when ya see me i muster up a story about it. Jay and i Were playin tons of games with our fellow hooligans including pass the Rosey meatsticks on I95. ok i give up thats it for now bedtime


DSTim said...

Fuck yeah!

Looks like a rad time.... I wish I coulda been there...

Morganne said...

it was awesome meeting up with you! we took pictures of you whenever you fell asleep somewhere so there should be some funny ones on phil's camera when he uploads them.