gettin places

busy day, got my jugs back from Jim at The Werks machine shop today. He put a fresh hone on em. i cleaned and painted em, got some fresh 40 over pistons, and we're almost ready to put everything back together. Might have to get some valve work done, but thats yet to be seen.

scored some stuff at a weird shop sale thing today, lots of little stuff, like a chain and gaskets, but here are the two main buys. The coolest bars you've ever seen. They're 7/8, but still amazing, and a cool solo seat. its got the out line of a giant stitched eagle logo, the size of the top of the seat, almost like it had a patch that someone removed. feel like I've seen one before but not sure. anybody know anything about it?


Chris said...

Yeah that's an old Bar Enterprises seat. They came like that with the logo stitching. My buddy has the wider version on his FLH, and the narrow one like yours was on a cool purple shovel in The Horse a few months back.

NoOneRidesForFree said...

Hey Josh, did you ever end up using these bars? Let me know if you didn't, I might be interested in buying them.