Shaved legs

Lloyd taught me how to shave legs with a little do this Benji do that Benji which at first felt like i was getting no where but then as the days turned into night i started to see progression.
This is my tutorial as i was learning it
the whole reason for shaving a new set of legs was mainly because one of my old legs cracked when i was trying to change the top gasket
These are a set of 35mm showa forks
Started of with cutting off the tabs with a cutting wheel
followed by a grinder
Almost ready for the lathe
I guess it all depends on what kind of lathe your using but this one requires you to remove the stud bolts from the leg or else the leg wont fasten safely into the lathe

once on the lathe I took a couple passes at a lite bite but than Lloyd told me i was doing it to fast
than i took a deeper bite at slower passes and thats when the legs started to show potential
I hit it with a little more sand paper then on the the polishing, then on to assembly and then back of the shovel
old and new, they look pretty close but a litte different
Finished product
Yea, I polished the brow too, im a loser
Well thats my first experience shaving legs thanks for letting me share it with you and thanks Lloyd for teaching me how to fish!


DSMatt said...

Those look sick Benji! Great job man!

Phil said...

came out great

1waystu said...

nice work benji! got a bunch of polishing boogers now dont you?

Doogler said...

Thanks guys!,
Yea spenser that shit makes ya black every where, I pull the nastiest shit out of my ear with q-tips!

claVicle said...

Nice Leggs...Honey!