Finger Food Friday.... er.... MONDAY.....

I know it's been a few weeks.... Even Fingers needs a break..... we may not get tired of hearing his stories but sometimes life gets in the way of him telling them.... and sometimes he just needs a little time off..... this shit is for fun and not a job...... sorry it's been a bit but hopefully absence makes the heart grow fonder.......

Anyways, here goes......


Hey all you weirdos, freaks and lurkers, what's going on out there in the world?

I know where have I've been... Well, for one, Sweet Cocaine has been taking a lot of my time hustlin' parts, trading parts etc... I finished my chopper, the Social Deviant with a couple of big changes for the new year. I put a spoked rear wheel on - I've never ran a spoked rear so it was a big change for me... looks bitchin. I also put stainless steel oil lines on and did a little touch up on the frame paint.

As for Sweet Cocaine the parts are still rolling in... We scored a title from Brock - thanks brother, big love from me and the DS crew. The tank is at the Painter's getting some black base and a yellow flame job. I can't wait to see this project finished. My plan is to have the rolling bike as close to finished as I can at the Ride to Skate jam in Baltimore.

That's the latest news from Sweet Cocaine central - Buffalo, NY.

So, I have not written anything in like a month and I was thinking the other day about the WHO, the band that is.... I've seen them about 5 times starting in 1975. Last year I saw Roger Daltrey in fla with Pete's brother on guitar. Daltrey has still got a fucking strong voice at 60 some years old. I was totally impressed. And Pete's brother is no slouch either. But what I want to talk about is the '75 show. I was 16 in '75 and really dug the Who. So when I heard they were coming to Buffalo I had to go. I was dating this chick from high school and we were going for tickets when we had heard they sold out. I wasn't about to let that stop me so I came up with a plan - Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus.

Now before you think I went and dropped too much acid listen to my master plan for the best spot to see the Who's sold out show. The circus was in town for a week with the Who playing on a Sunday to a sold out auditorium. Me and my date were going to the circus the day before. We packed a bunch of shit and went up to the nose bleed section - up in the rafters. My original plan was just to hide out in a bath room, but while the trapeze artists were doing their thing I found the perfect spot to hide.

When the show was ending we made a bee-line for the cat-walks in the rafters. After finding an open door that led to a stairway that led to a ladder we were in the cover of darkness some 200 feet above the elephants and tigers and clowns haha. As we watched the Carneys take the three ring circus down we soon realized we were the only one's in the building. We ran around the whole auditorium like kids in a play ground. At about 7 AM we were awakened by some racket - I thought for sure we were busted. We looked around and realized it was the roadies setting up the stage and sound. We sat up in the nose bleed seats and watched it all come together. We scrambled to the cat walks when they were testing the lights,it was there we sat and watched the sound check of a straight killing it rock band. The Who took the stage around 8:00 that evening and we had the best seats in the house. We smoked joint after joint and just when I didn't think things could get any better a sound guy was headed our way - I was way too stoned to think. When he saw us sitting with our legs dangling off the side of the cat walk he said "don't fall" and kept walking - wow I couldn't believe it. It was one of the best shows to date for me. Talking bout my gen generation...............

They call me the seeker.


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