Serendipitous missed connections.

I'll preface by stating factually that I've had few such encounters in my seemingly short existence here on planet earth. Also adding a brief summary of what I do: I talk to people all god damn day, day in and day out. I'm somewhat fortunate, but for as many idiots exist, some would consider it a travesty. My jobs are essentially sales. Day job contains everything that could possibly take place inside a performance automotive shop. Late night I bar-tend. Some may say that is my trade, however I don't consider it much of one. When in doubt move faster and drink more red bull....seems to work. Alas I will stop this rant.

Today may have been shot from the get go, wake up late for court and start a useless scramble. Fuckin stressin. So much time hung up in court right now. Approached the DA with respect and everything worked out, hell she even rolled everything into one court date that I actually have a lawyer for. Not bad.

Back to the crib, took off from the day job for the court date I almost missed. Hang out, shoot the shit, try to figure out how I'm gonna get my bike from the shop and a car hood back to the house without a truck. Fortunately My room mate and I cut the top off his Caddy last year. It was mostly his doing, I just encouraged it.

Ran out of time, had to open the bar at five. Get there, feeling like a horses ass from the night before and open the doors. Random girl walks in.

New Scene>

This girl is god damned good looking. Acts like we've met before, hell I thought we had. Felt like an old friend for all I knew. Said it had been a long weekend and she needed a drink, typical. Wanted a crown, straight up. I love whiskey, especially a woman that drinks it. Bought her a drink. Hell, worst case she was hot and something to look at, may as well keep her barside. After shooting the shit we get to her life story. Shes thirty, looks twenty four, followed the dead for a while, whom I despise, had a one year old son, not into kids, and has just been raped a day before. Heavy. On her way back home, told her old man. He's bummed, probably gonna leave her. She just opened right up to me, a total stranger, no walls. Trippy. Cliche' deep conversations where had. Losing loved ones from death or sheer abandonment and having no one, addiction, and running scared. Familiar territory. Offered her whatever insight I could. Another cliche' line from like a rolling stone: When you ain't got nothing, you got nothing to lose, further more prove. I felt as though it really did apply to her circumstance.

Just saying keep your book open, and stay humble. Never can know what someone is going through.

She was one of the "good ones", Gods speed.

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