Frame and Fork for Sale

I have this 48 Frame and Inline Fork, was going to use for the next project but have decided to cut them loose. I usually just ebay this stuff but I'm pretty sick of their fee hikes and crappy customer service for sellers so here it is.

The 48 Frame is pretty nice, a couple repairs, I think it may have been raked by shortening the top tube, but the rake is not severe and the neck hasn't been wacked so it should be pretty easy for a frame shop to straighen by putting it on a frame jig and replacing or lengthening the top tube to return it to stock, or run it as is if youre building a custom. The rake is so slight that I didn't see it until after I got it.

The fork is a stock Harley 45 springer that has had a 1 inch neck installed, the stem welds look very nice, the front leg is chrome, big twin outside the leg rockers, casting numbers are there, looks straight and runnable.

More detailed pics can be seen by clicking here.

I'm asking $1800 for the frame and $1500 for the springer, I'd also make a package deal on both if you're interested. Give me a ring, 540-424-8877 or send an email jason@deathscience.com

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