Finally got that damn wiring figured out. Apparently shit has to be grounded for it to work or something. Whatever. I hit the starter button and the motor turned so that's a good sign. Got the tank sealed. I wasn't to stoked on how the paint turned out on the tank so I stripped it. Got a rad idea for how I am gonna repaint it but you'll just have to wait and see my banging tank art until the bike is completely done.


antihero1972 said...

man thats going to be sweet George. Your getting close by the looks of it.

DSVANDER said...

You mean the grey beard helped you get it sorted? Or was he admiring your penis shaped sissy bar hehehehehe

Gorgeous George said...

haha yeah my dad totally helped me wrap my head around the wiring.

when you get to california pick up some in-n-out (double double animal style) and drop it in the mail. send it to the shop. i haven't had one in a year. sooo gooood! and don't forget the fries bitch!!!