Euro tour part 1 Draggers HQ Munich

ok Ive been back in the states for about 10 days figure its time I start writing on my trip to europe.
I want to say thanks to The draggers for showing us one of the best times we have ever had and showing me a part of europe i dont think i would of ever experienced if i were traveling with anyone else.
Andrea, I cant thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to ride out there and for the food and beer and the push starts in the pouring rain. You and Angel some of the nicest people ive ever met thank you for everything.
jokers- thanks for having us, bringing us in, feeding us and making sure we are well drunk, and letting me take pictures of your bikes. you guys are true Brothers.
and thanks to everyone else for contributing to the great time i had.
I have about 3000 pictures but im way to lazy to post them all at once so im gonna break it down to sections like a day at a time or some shit.

ok so part uno.

It all started in munich, we flew in and went straight to the draggers hang out
This place was tucked back from the street like a secret hide out
Friggin Julian!
German garages, Im sure there were some sweet old bmw's in there
This was Ivan's dads bike in the 60's. It sat in the basement for 20 years, the pulled it out and it started right up, due to the crazy bike restrictions in germany the bike is now wall art.
Jeremiah being reunited with his "long Bike", Daydreaming about the miles hes soon to be laying down with her
Seeing what the hype is about, ShowClass!

I will post more soon and i got some riding videos I uploaded on youtube, i will post them soon but here is my youtube channel if you want to check them out now TickledTarpon

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