Euro tour part 2

Andrea and Angel
All of us, Thus far
Ralph n Toby
Walking around Kiel while we waited for the Ferry

Tobias and his Punker Power!
This was what Mike was doing 75% of the time, the rest of the time he smooching Abigal
We made it to keil and met up with some more draggers!
dont eat the Greens? American Amunity! Mutt Power! Fuck ecoli!Matias of Lebeef Custom work, Does some of the best Metal work ive ever seen in my whole life. Im gonna get a sissy bar from him one day... Awesome
Sigh, I miss this Pendalton. I think i need more hash!
When your in the back of this van there are no window besides this cut out to the cab and you need to stand up to look out, it feels like your in a cell!


DSVANDER said...

totally going next year with you guys......

B-Vocabulary said...

Hey Benji,

Are we meeting up in NY?

Virgan said...

we miss u buddy!!