Friggin Shitheads

We were Supposed to go to the springs, this weekend... never happend due to the bunk weather up north. I managed to skate over to the west coast to have a beer and drop Kevo's frame off. On the way there i get direction to a state park ( apparently we are camping out) we get there and its mosquito fest. I think that no one actually wanted to camp but at the same time nobody wanted to run the risk of being the one to puss out, that is after the lightweights bailed out early on us! It turned out to be a great time.
Sandy Nininger state park
This was the only shot i got of tony with my camera, stop being so shy tony!
Keep your sisters away from this guy, otherwise they will become strippers... Its a proven fact
Straight loafing it Brah Brah!
Sal is probably one of the funniest guys i ever met and now i have spanish flea by Herb Alpert and the Tiajauna brass constantly playing over and over in my head. By the way the bike hes on is for sale

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