Knowing your Roots

Chris posted Integritys logo a while back over at HOTW. Since its 4:30am and I'm still up I figured I'd throw up one of my own.

My favorite live shows ever were American Nightmare. Baltimore at the Ottobar and Richmond at Alley Catz... We used to fuck shit up. I was more into the 'Boston' sound. Fast punk style hardcore, ala early DC (Bad Brains, Minor Threat, SOA, early Black Flag which is the stuff I originally was into). Chud rif metalcore became the thing, I had a kid got married and I stopped going to shows. I miss those days though.


C.Earhart said...

I do too, man! All boys back in Texas, are still in band and makin' music.

Governor said...

Dude I feel you. I just started going back to shows again recently but it's not the same. I stopped not only going to shows but playing shows for the same reason. We were touring and shit back in those days too. I miss it.