Please stop by our table at Srangedays event in NJ this coming weekend.....

Showclass magazine, Death Science, Hated of the world, and Freak out the squares are combining efforts with the help from a bunch of companies pitching in with product to help out with aidans cause....aidans father bobby seeger jr is one of the owners of INDIAN LARRY LEGACY here in brooklyn ny and a very nice human being.... please follow link to aidan has a posse to see what this is all about and please help in any way you can.....we will be accepting donations for the cause and pulling names to win amazing products from your favorite companies... which i will annouce this week ......so please come support a great cause ......

event info http://strangedaysevent.blogspot.com

Bobby and Elisa’s son Aidan has been diagnosed with a rare brain disease calledAdrenoleukodystrophy (ALD). Aidan is a beautiful 6 year old boy with huge blue eyes and a smile that is contagious. He is full of personality and laughter.

He is in dire need of a bone marrow donor. To find out if you are the match, please go to www.marrow.org and look for a drive or center near you. You can also request a mail-in kit, which is a painless cheek swab exam. This will put you in the marrow bank to not only help Aidan but potentially anyone else down the road with a similar situation. So please do not hesitate and get on board today.

We believe there is a match out there for Aidan, please find out if it’s you!

Please help us in praying for Aidan and the Seegers


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