Sick Helmet For SALE

Finally got moved in to the new pad, got the interwebz set up, got some furniture projects to get crackin' on and even did a little fishing on my new private dock! But for the good stuff. Picked up this brain bucket while looking for some furniture at the Flea Market the other day. It's just a tad too big for my little ol' peanut head so I'm gonna put it out there for you to grab if ya got the dough. Metal flake EAGLE!!! Don't see this everyday. Outer shell is in realllllllly good shape and the fabric on the inside is pretty good. The foam is starting to break down and may need to be replaced but i guess that would be up to you. It's size Large I believe. I wear a Medium and it's just a bit too big for me. $80 SHIPPED to lower 48 states. Anywhere outside of there I'll have to get you a quote.

Email me at george@deathscience.com or george@showclassmag.com if you are interested.

Check out this little darling bass I caught this morning. How cute. Just wait till I catch your daddy and hang his ass on the wall!

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