yeeeoooowww!!! got me a Holliday wallet!

I have been lusting over these wallets for the last year or so, not quite being able to talk myself into such a big purchase on something so superfluous. well at this years ride to skate, chris at Holliday offered up a wallet as a prize for the knife throwing event. I thought it was my chance to get one on the cheap. $40 later, still no wallet. Rob from newport news won it, (second throw the lucky bastard) and I was stoked for him. After losing all my money I got to talking to chris, and long story short, this little guy came in the mail yesterday. I had been looking forward to getting this wallet more then I look forward to christmas, and I tell you what, it was worth the wait. This thing is the coolest thing I own. It is so incredibly well made, I expect it to be the last wallet I buy. It looks so awesome every time I pull it out of my pocket it makes me smile. do yourself a favor and get you one.

check em out here:



icyuod said...

Looks amazing, brutal and beautiful at the same time.
ha! know the feeling, in line for the holliday/eat dust collab

Zombi138 said...

Looks Great, Where can I buy one?

Rabbit (Matt von Jacobs) said...

Nice wallet man, who/where is making this fine leather?