A couple shots from the bbq

Man this BBQ thing was a trip, Jay, Brian and myself battled i95 thru 4 states to get up there. We get there and its 100 degrees. Great people, amazing pulled pork sandwiches and great bikes. Everytime i see the virginia crew I have the sudden urge to get an evo-sportser. I didnt take too many pictures because i was too busy tanning my "Kit" and getting buzzed and all these were taking in the way begining. Tim and Matt thanks again for having us, you guys are true brothers and your way over-due for a florida trip
Too tuff
Its plus 100 degrees and i only see one person wearing shorts
Big Pete
little Pete
I need one of these
Best dip ever
Coon-tune swamp cooler
Timmy's Stash
So good, I had like six of these things
Sexy as hell


Nick said...

I wish I could have made it. Jay has a really nice koozie.

DSTim said...

I agree.... I need to come to Florida.... Maybe before the baby comes....... hmmmm......

Matt Jacobs said...

Had a great time at this event. Big thanks to Matt and Tim and all of the guys for putting this on. It was good to ride in with Chopper Scott and Ray Alexander and the rest of the guys we rode in with. What a great thing to be able to do on a hot ass NC summer weekend :)