Hurricane day

Well we just missed the hurricane by about 100 miles but we still caught the side effects just some heavy storms for 3 hours, Irene managed to bring us waves and fish. Ive always been curious about actually seeing waves in boca because 363 days of the year the ocean is super flat down here. I walked on to the beach and i felt like i was at casino pier, well not that crazy but there were waves, surfers, Wave runners, beach goers and a couple photographers which if youve ever been to the beach in boca you would think its there for decoration, nobody uses comes out especially not the old people who move here to die .
After that we hit the flood gates up north I sat around cursing at the ground while my cousin and all the immigrants caught fish. Turned out to be an alright day compared to what was expected. I hope All you guys up north stay safe!

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DeVillier said...

Ahhh, those little waves are adorable!