So its Official... The shovels on Ebay

Lloyd and I both put our shovels on Ebay, Its like a date

Ruby Tits Ebay


ALien POison said...

So what now benji????? Man that's gonna be hard to say good bye to!?

Benny said...

good luck with the sales, both beautiful bikes

Doogler said...

Im gonna Piece together a generator style engine over then next 2 months and for the time being Im picking up a running sportster style bike so I have something to mess with that already runs. Ive been preparing to sell her since january, this summer has really been amazing being our last time together. Its really tough in certain aspects but looking towards the future Its not as tough. Polly gonna be my favorite bike i ever owned and definitely the fastest shovel Ive been on but its time to take my kindergarden knowledge about scuba and Dive into the abyss.
Thanks Benny, your selling your sportster? time for a 45?

antihero1972 said...

damn I dont think I could ever sell a bike from Jermiah I would set for life with that beatiful bike.