1968 BSA Thunderbolt for sale $1800

Here we go....ive got a 1968 BSA Thunderbolt with a clear title. The bike was an ugly runner 2 years ago when it was pushed in the corner, and forgotten. i got it about a month ago, and have collected some parts to build it up as a skinny little awesome thing. Its the stock front loop, with a weld on hardtail. I was told the motor was rebuilt 1000 miles ago, with a new trans installed at the same time. Its got a 16" harley rim laced to the stock bsa hub, the stock front 19" with a cool drum brake. sitting on the frame now is a killer almost brand new hap jones tank, with an awesome solo seat with the harley wing emblem (brand escapes me at the moment) its got a weird round oil tank thats pretty cool, a short little trailer fender. three sets of pipes, and extra 6" over front end with another front wheel (vented single leading triumph looking thing, but its off a 70's thunderbolt). lets see....basically theres everything to build a real cool bike, plus some. i wasnt planning on selling it, but ive got an opportunity to get an awesome shovelhead, but i need to scare up a little cash. so heres the thing, if you want everything, the price is $1800. if you dont want to pay that, we start taking stuff out of the pile. the picture with my friend wes is with the hapjones tank and solo seat, sort of taken apart, the other picture is with an alien tank and trailer fender. pick up only, im not shipping all this. if you have any questions, please ask, and yes i can take more pictures later, just im not in my shop right now.
thanks, josh

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