I came, I saw, I got stoned, drunk, and basically the whole weekend seemed like one recurring party broken up by bike talk and artsy ladies saying that one of the bikes looked like an "alien's vagina" my question to her is how the fuck does she know what one looks like, and also another question...where can I find some. Still not sure if that was a compliment or what, but she did look like the teacher from The Magic School Bus, of course that also might have been just me being stoned. Met a lot of rad people, it was such a blur and I wish there was more opportunity to talk but it seemed like everything was moving so fast, I guess much like the city we were in. Always good to see my brothers from all over the place! Love you all, and of course Tim I'm real glad your new baby looks like your wife, because lets be honest....high school can be rough as it is, let alone if your child looks like you, love you brother, congratulations to you and Brandy!!! oh and I was reeal stoked on this viking helmet....thanks Vander!!


Nick said...

At least you came.

Jay said...


Kurt said...

Well I wasn't stoned and the way you described her was dead on. What a freak.