Good time

Had a killer time at brooklyn this year. Got to see everyone I only get to see if you times a year. Vendor thanks man I really owe you having us over and food and beer was awesome and thanks for hooking me up with tools in a lift to fix my bike. J it is always a good time with you around even so your balls are out all the time. Fingers it was great to hear you had your own rap battle. Benji the wine was delicious. Josh it's good to see you and j  still playing big spoon or little spoon. Thanks q j and rob 4 letting us crash in the room it was a symphony of snores. Clark I know you had a rough weekend but is never the same without u. Chris friday night rules  tell the wife I'm sorry about beating on the door. Jason brian is always good seeing you guys out. Sorry if I forgot anyone this is just too much spelling for me can't wait to see you all again


ludwig said...

good seeing you dude, sorry we didn't get much time to chat. next time. and hopefully by the end of this week we'll be ironhead brothers.

ok kyle said...

Yea man good seeing you to Lent know how u make out