Ive been out and about, between spending time with my amazing girlfriend who lives halfway across the country, cruizing around the US hangin with some good folks and now roomlocked trying to finish up these last couple classes i have left. I have been out of touch with the blogs but Im not the only one!

<3 Fin and an Arab

So creepy, hes got a clit on the end of his tongue
Fingers! Im glad we Finally met!
Cash Cab
Wheres Uncle jimmy?
This is my project that hopefully i will be assembling soon.
Its not a panhead its not a flathead as most of you heard the songs of my dancing lips but its still gonna be a long bike. Its a buell 1203 evo sportster motor, Sometimes you gotta work with what ya got!


ok kyle said...

Can't water to see how it comes out! !

B-Vocabulary said...

Looking good Benji,

GeekDublD said...

hell yeah man, peanut city sporty mob's growin on you...