Show Class Issue 3 UPDATE..... READ THIS........ please......

A lot of guys are telling us that they still haven’t gotten their magazines. Trust me, this pisses us off more than anyone. We bust our ass to make shit happen.
We got tired of waiting like the rest of you and Tim decided yesterday to dig deep into it until he got some solid answers, but what we found out didn’t exactly help the situation. The post office idiots told us that they are “probably” still in the works, after being paid for and dropped off fucking weeks ago… and they couldn’t even say for sure that the entire batch from that office wasn’t “misplaced”.  What the FUCK. What now, wait more and possibly have a bunch of people get nothing but bummed out?  FUCK NO.

We also found out there was only a problem with issues and subscriptions from between certain dates that went to that post office. That’s why some people got them already but not all. We came up with a plan to take the extra ones we had printed and stop waiting and mail out an entire second round. This is gonna cost us a ton of time and loot but we always said we weren’t in it for the money and if we lose our supporters… we have nothing.  If and when you get two copies of Issue 3 in the mail, please pass it on to a friend.
We also have a cool little treat in the works that we were going drop in the store next month but decided it may be better serving a different purpose and help clear the air and show our thanks. The ‘To the Grave’ Air Freshener will go out to each and every person that coughed up for a subscription by Thanksgiving. We will send them out with Issue 4 which should be in the mail the first week of December. Just in time for the holidays.

Problems are going to happen no matter what you do, but it’s how you handle them and what you do to make it right. Thanks so much for your rock solid support and understanding.
Clarke & Tim


dave herr said...

an that is how you TCB!