This one of a kind, all original, outlaw, chopper art is framed and ready to hang in your den, shop, shitter, hallway, kitchen, closet, sex dungeon or even bedroom so a little piece of Gorgeous George can watch over you while you sleep. Haha just kidding... that's kinda creepy. Hit me up at george@deathscience.com if you are interested in any of these and I'll shoot you my paypal info.

They are in 12"x12" frames and $175.00 US Dollars each SHIPPED TO YOUR DOOR. If you want all 3 I'll cut ya a good deal for the bundle. The one on the far left was featured in Show Class Issue 1 and the other two are originals for your enjoyment. As always let me know if you are in the USA or not. Sadly I'll have to quote you for a little extra shipping outside the US but I'll be sure to stuff a few extra goodies in the box for the extra shipping charges!!!

Thanks in advance for the support and take 'er easy,
Gorgeous George

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