Road Trip

last week I went on a trip around alabama and north-west Florida. 
Met up with Marty, Its funny a couple months back I asked marty if he had any 45 or king and queen stuff and he immediatly switch the convo on me saying he had to beat some bushes and how i didnt want flatheads cause they were dogs
 I stop by the shop and low and behold 45 shit was hiding around in every nook and cranny
 Had to lay out the strong arm one i found cases set up for a magnum
 Mr. Roadside calmed me down with promises of king and queens
 passed out to awaken from the flatty dreams to see i wasnt dreaming
 Pans werent doing the trick at this point
 this thing is should not be classed with mustangs, stallions or thoroughbreds... knowImean
 What kind of fruit bag uses this beautiful machine as a airhose holder.
All fun and games aside, Thank you Marty for having me and forcing me to rest up and eat and amazing meal before i took of for south florida. Kathy and Jeremy- thanks for putting me up and feeding me you guys are true people and i cant thank you enough, when your in south florida look me up
 My travels also brought me to the quaint town of Pelham to visit so ducky peeps
 RIP Quackers
 Romper Room

 King Romper. "you start a motorcycle and i will bite the tail pipe off, followed by your leg, try me"
 Art Preview
 Whats that spencer? a Super E? huh?!
 Art again
THanks for having me dudes, cant wait to reunite at the bmr!!!

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El Prez said...

We enjoyed having you broseph. Come again anytime. You should ride up to Pelham and roll with us to the BMR. A little long bike lovin.