Disorder Studios in Michigan

i went to my aunts house in Ann Arbor, Michigan for thanksgiving this past november. i was looking for a long chrome springer (i still am), and while i was in michigan, i got a phone call from a guy named Sethro. He told me might have a front end for me, but that he was all the way in Michigan. (I live in VA) Well it turns out that my aunt's house is only 20 min away from Sethro's place. I took a little drive, and ended up in the middle of no where, on Whittaker Rd. Sethro has quite the set up, with a giant super old dairy barn, and two other garages all packed full of amazing things. From hot rods and 60's vans to antique bicycles and coke machines. More then a little bit of everything. In one corner of his main workshop he had a knucklehead motor and frame, and in the other corner he had an evo sportster that he's had since new. Every piece on the evo has been modified, welded, added to or replaced. It was one of those places that took a good 10 minutes to just stand in one place, stare, and take in all the awesome stuff stuck in every nook and cranny. Unfortunately, the front end he had for me didn't work, but he was a super gracious host, showing me, my dad and brother around. Sethro also paints, letters, and stripes, and it turns out he's done some stuff I've seen. He did the lettering and striping on Fab Kevin's Muskrat, and another of Fab Kevin's builds, "Estancia de Oro".

Sethro does a ton of custom work, on both cars and motorcycles. He showed me a 60's dodge van that he completely redid the frame and rear end, to hold up to the wheelies it can do. He had a big ol' four door 60's car that he put on airbags. There was an early 50's Ford panel truck that was waiting for a new roof. He has several jap bikes that were getting work done, and an ironhead he was building from the ground up. He has the skills and is more then willing to help a brother out, so if you are anywhere near the state of michigan, i highly recommend you look him up.

Seth Elkins (Sethro)
10345 Whittaker Road
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
http://sethrosdisorderstudio.blogspot.com/ (734) 645-1628

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righteous said...

There's a NICE D&D chrome springer on Boston craigslist, it's long and it's definitely ready to get the friction on.