Funny how

Isn't it funny how a pic like this one makes you want to get on you machine and kill your city streets. Or hit the road and never come back! People say we are faking it riding the bikes we do or warring the clothing we do. Maybe we are? But I don't care! Thare is nothing like riding your chopper with all your friends all day and night. Or riding a few hours to visit a friend. Iv never found any thing that compares to it. As far as what I ware. Yea we all bite of the old guys. Some mor then others. But hell if you ware any thing I bet your not the first one to do it. I'll be riding bikes like mine for the rest of my life. Some will come and go but if your in to it do what u want.



eddie said...

amem brother!!!!

eddie said...

amen brother....and not to use brother as a "biker" term but as a term of endearment towards another like minded individual.

ok kyle said...

Haha cool man I hear ya