good time

4th of July last year....so much fun, riding the pan while shooting roman candles while wearing goggles and snorkle barefoot, ok ok maybe not the best idea...but fuuuck it felt right!



Me, Tim, and Matt headed out on our Lifestyle Machines on Sunday after Hurricane Irene. Here's some images I shot along the ride.

looking for some parts for mixed year pan/shovel project

please hit me up if you have any of these parts and have pictures vander@deathscience.com

juice drum brake set up in good shape

floor boards and master cylinder in good shape

magneto for a cone shovel

set of clean 3.5 gallon tanks newer or repop fine.....

3inch open belt setup in good or new condition

thanks in advance





I've been riding the shit out this FXR since I got it from OG Seedy.....

This bike is like a Cadillac...... but I hated the exhaust from the moment I put them on....

I talked Wesley into hooking shit up on Friday.... he made some rad pipes out of some scrap pipes we had in the shop.....




Now I can get my LIFESTYLE machine back to posing properly........ PFFP.....

Thanks Wes!


Man its even better then the first


33mm Top Tree For Sale...


Top tree for a 33mm front end. It's in great shape! $35 gets it shipped to your crib...email me, or send me a text...
matt@deathscience.com or (919)455-4575


Sportster Chopper!

Benny Boneshakers Has his Ironhead for sale!
Check it out, take a crack!


hated in buffalo...

It was Kool to get to finally meet the man that made my wallet

cant fuck wit it...

Sweet cocaine

Almost done need a couple parts
Headlight mount for a 33
21inch avon speed master
waffle grips
spark plug wires for a mag
25inch brake line


Hurricane day

Well we just missed the hurricane by about 100 miles but we still caught the side effects just some heavy storms for 3 hours, Irene managed to bring us waves and fish. Ive always been curious about actually seeing waves in boca because 363 days of the year the ocean is super flat down here. I walked on to the beach and i felt like i was at casino pier, well not that crazy but there were waves, surfers, Wave runners, beach goers and a couple photographers which if youve ever been to the beach in boca you would think its there for decoration, nobody uses comes out especially not the old people who move here to die .
After that we hit the flood gates up north I sat around cursing at the ground while my cousin and all the immigrants caught fish. Turned out to be an alright day compared to what was expected. I hope All you guys up north stay safe!


Friday Sept 16th House of Hate pre Dice BBQ Brooklyn NY

House of Hate workshop will be having a pre/after DICE magazine release party BBQ at our new shop 249 kent st brooklyn NY 11222 noon - 7 .........only a 1/2 mile or so away from dice party at the gutter n 14th between berry and wythe..... then head back later when and if party dies down..... cant wait to see my friends......i will be re posting this closer to the date!

So its Official... The shovels on Ebay

Lloyd and I both put our shovels on Ebay, Its like a date

Ruby Tits Ebay


Irene is a bitch...

The Death Science BBQ has been postponed, due to Irene's path. We will be rescheduling the BBQ, and will post the new date tomorrow. Bummed...

Diamond Dave's DIRT Bike.... FOR SALE....

So, Dave has this AMAZING bike FOR SALE.....

All I know is this... Dave knows how to build a motorbike.... and this thing is no exception..... not only does it look sick but it runs like a dream... I've seen it first hand.........

I won't waste any more of your time... Here's what Dave says -


Bike is a 1962 XLH. Motor is completely rebuilt from top to bottom, with good condition stock parts or the best of the aftermarket. Has Andrews "Y" cams, S&S e-carb and a mallory electronic ignition. Band new rebuilt generator with cycle electric end regulator. It has maybe 1000 miles on it now, so it is just broken in. Starts up within two kicks and runs super strong. Frame is stock but modified to fit the XR750-style tail section, with a tray underneath there to hide the battery and mount the license plate. Shock mounts were moved back to give it a taller, more dirt-bike like stance. Exhaust is custom made with a supertrapp can on the end. Wheels are invaders, front is a dual disc 21" with sporty hydro brakes, rear wheel is a 19" invader with a stock sporty drum brake, which works awesome. Tires are Dunlop K-180's. Front end is a harley 35mm with a custom made fork brace. Headlight is a modified aris triangle light tucked under the eyebrow. Oil tank is a K-model tank with custom mounts. Paint work is beautiful, done by Michael Geltz at Flying Weasel Garage. This thing is in cherry shape, runs like a top, and has a clean harley title. Was just shot by Josh Kurpius a few weeks ago and will get run in one of the good magazines out there soon. Will ship anywhere at buyer's expense. Not cheap, but considering the cost of getting an early ironhead motor rebuilt, plus the custom work and fit and finish, my price is very reasonable.

If you're interested contact Dave directly at djp210@hotmail.com

Cool pic of a pic

Buck in February magic Ken shot vandars sweet pan for low side. Can't wat till we ate allpartying together agent that was a good time.


Righteousness FOR SALE....

Zach is selling his bike.... this is one of the sweetest bikes I've seen..... runs like a dream....

If you're interested hit him up..... ZACHONKY@YAHOO.COM


no one will ever know.....