You can beat death in life...

Chop Dreams 2012 from Show Class Magazine on Vimeo.
People that know me know that I don't live in the past. What's done is done and I look forward always. That being said a small retrospective is never a bad idea, given that I first met a lot of the guys in Death Science this year and they have become fast friends and family.

The film is a small glance at all the footage from the year. You will see the Revenge Run, Born Free and a host of other events I attended. It's not meant to be linear in any sense but evoke the whole idea of this "motorcycle thing" which to me is simply ride, have fun and ride, and enjoy your life the way so many people never will.

 Bukowski said it best: "You can't beat death, but you can beat death in life." That's exactly how I feel when I ride.


Wheels threw time

Wheels threw time

Thanx to Eddie we got a privet walk threw wheels threw time and it changed my hole view in motorcycles


That's right

Custom made triple trees !!!! Mobtown cycles !!!


Ok 1 more

For sale nice chrome sissy bar for sale not bent for narrow fender kyle_541@hotmail.com

Marry Christmas to all are supporters

Thanx for looking at are little blog and all the support see you after the holidays. Hope you all get your knuckle head ,shovel, pan, genny shovel, evo under the tree



For sale

All chrome juice drum set up for pan head call or text 443 896 3564


My born free people's choice chopper motor

1966 genny shovel can't wait to kick it over. And do a fuckin wheelie. !!!!!

My born free people's choice build

Going traditional with my bf build. Here is my front end and wheel.

For sale

Hit me up fit a nice cheep shovel. Kyle_541@hotmail.com


knuck pan and indian parts for sale

check out my eBay, theres a lots of stuff, and tons more will be posted in the coming weeks...


as always everything is no reserve, so some stuff might go cheap.



We don't shake hands we hug. Brother Wesley making a quick trip up north. Missing all of our other brethren.


Front End For Sale - Price Reduced!

Since eveybody seems to be broke right now, I'm dropping the price on this stock length, 39 mm narrowglide front end, shaved and polished, with a 1" stem. The price is now $300, and you pay for shipping to your door in the U.S. If it doesn't sell today, it's off to eBay for all the hipsters to fight over. If you're interested, email me: matt@deathscience.com



Stoked our brother Wesley will be making it up north for a hand with his panhead. Speaking of pans murph just finished up a bottom end on a 49 pan


Mobtown cycles

Will hard tail your frame fast and it cost less then most

Hard tail

Hit me up if you need a hard tail on your softy. Kyle_541@hotmail.com
We go it and we charge less fast tern around !!! Mobtown cycles!!!

Revenge Run 4 Details...

Yes, the dates have been chosen, but no, we are not selling passes yet. There are still some details to work out. As usual, I will keep you updated, and the minute passes are available to purchase, it will be posted on the Revenge Run site. Additionally, we cannot pre-sell any passes, so please stop emailing me about it...hahaha. Thanks!



Mobtown photos look love like !!!!!!!!!!


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"Still looking for a early shovel trans. It can need rebuild just be cracks on baring surface "

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Tis the season

Starting to get cold in Baltimore. Thinking of my DS brethren while putting some shit up around the house. Wife decided the pan needed some holiday spirit. Hopefully we can all get together soon.

Sporty for a good cause

My buddy Nathan is giving up on trying to be a outlaw and he is trying to sale his ironhead to finally get that sex change he's always dreamed of. Help him out and buy his bike. Hit him up... N_lilly1@yahoo.com


The War Ride Film

The War Ride from Show Class Magazine on Vimeo.

A few months ago, we had a great time up in Virginia, courtesy of the Butcher Chop crew. We met up at the Butcher Chop compound in Dry Fork, VA, then headed up to the Blue Ridge Parkway to Bedford, VA to see the D-Day Memorial. If you have never been to the D-Day memorial in person, it's a pretty amazing site to see and makes you think about the absolute brass balls it took to storm a beach like that with literal hell raining down on top of you. Makes you appreciate how tough these guys were, and how veterans of any age deserve our respect.

We had a great time. Only a few minor breakdowns along the way, played hot potato with the GoPro, made new friends, and rode some absolutely amazing roads. Can't wait for the 2nd annual War Ride.


Thankful for my grandfather

My inspiration for joining the army. He was a glider pilot in ww2 killed germans. And was kick ass. Still is take note to the big ass machete. Love you pop