Swapping,friends and the duke!!

This week end was probably one of the Best Iv had in a long time. We left saturday afternoon to stay with Clark for a night befor heading to a swap meet on Sunday Murphy Cailyn and I stays up with clark till about two am drinking and laughing, even lowsidesyn Tim drove up to hang at midnight. So we hot two hours of sleep then headed out to the swap.we Scored some amazing stuff but better yet hung out with all the FOTS guys all day. We headed to Stev and Michelle's house after for shit Toon of food and beer and laughing so heard I cried. But the best part of the day had to be riding the Duke !!!! I left a boy and returns a hairy biker haha. It was awesome seeing all the Philly guys it Dos not happen enough. Thanx Stev an his awesome wife for putting up with us in your home. See you on one month!!!!!

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