New Show Class SHIT.....

Issue 7 is DONE and up for SALE.....
We also came up with some rad product to go with it.........
(This is a rendering of a cast copper pin.... it's gonna RULE ALL - if I do say so myself...) AND Last but NOT LEAST.... the BORN FREE Special Edition is UP FOR SALE too...... we are only printing a limited number so, don't miss out.........


Mr. Brian McCrocklin

I've gotten to rule pretty hard with you while you were in Florida, really wish we had done more! I'm stoked you're out there livin the dream brother! Ride Safe! See you when you get back to the East!


A 4 skasepeed trany c


show and tell.

i got a couple things i need help identifying. 

first up is a 36 hole 5/8 axle spool hub. its real big, probably 4 inch diameter flange. the aluminum center spacer, and the bearings are held in place by the giant snap rings. its a little weird, tightening the axle does not load the bearings, it simply tightens on the spacer. 
anybody know who made it? 

next up is a springer. it looks a lot like a columbus to me, but the rockers are something i've never seen before. the axle is held in place just like a hydraulic front end, instead of simple holes in the rockers.
the trees are aluminum, and the front legs are held in place by allan head bolts.

call text or email me
thanks! josh.


Revenge Run full length movie is done!

Here is the full length Revenge Run documentary! Big thanks to Daniel Thomas, for all of his work!


Revenge Run Documentary!

The Revenge Run documentary is done, and we are stoked on it! It will be released on May 21st, for free, on Vimeo. Here is the trailer for now...


Romp In Tha Swamp!

If you're anywhere near Arkansas, check it out! The Website


My old man just turned 50!

Some of you have met him, some haven't, he's a great dude who stepped in when the other guy split! Couldn't have asked for better, Happy Birthday pop!

livin it


Makes me smile...for many reasons.

Get out and ride, no matter what you have. Stole the video off the Blood Falcons site...

Lunch !!

Been a long time but I grew fond of this in The army a good friend just hooked me up


Thanx Guy

Wanted to say thanx to guy from GKM for not just putting bike in his mag but really for getting what I was trying to say Across about my awesome friends. So thanx Guy see you soon I hope



Jason's been off the grid for a minute living life..... He sent me a message yesterday..... Seems that Jason's buddy in Japan built this AMAZING knuckle.... and this thing is perfect!
Glad to hear from you homie... glad things are getting brighter.......... hope to see you and the family at the BBQ......

Just over a week AWAY....

Or if you don't wanna go to Philly.... Denton, NC is having a swap NOT TO MISS......


Senior Project

 Tim was cool enough to run a few of my pictures in Show Class issue six. I chose those specific pictures to be sort of a precursor to my senior project. Last summer I spent ten or so days with Adam Wright. I got to pick his brain and he inspired me to compile a book. As soon as I figured out who my senior seminar teacher was, I pitched him this idea of making a book that showcased the different mediums that I shot with, natural light non-edited besides some minor cropping. My original idea was to sell the books but I ran short on the layout and did them through Blurb.com. Long story short, I've decided to share them with everybody. My buddy Alan from Tainted Scribblins did a real sweet job on the cover art (I think that's the main reason I passed this class). My professor insisted that I included some writing so you can ignore that part and I hope you enjoy. Thanks again to everyone who helped.






Been busy...

So I've been bust just living life, just working and waiting for good 'ol uncle sam to give me my G.I. bill...haven't posted shit, so i figured I'd just post some random phone pics from the last few weeks...Miss all of you guys, bummed i couldn't make it to Revenge Run, and bummed I won't be seein some of the boys on the ramble tamble, but I know I'll see all of you soon!


Adam Yauch, aka MCA from the Beastie Boys, passed away today at the age of 47. It's a sad day...


Revenge Run Leftovers...

Head over to the Revenge Run site...got some leftover tees on sale cheap!

Wizard Tits tees back in stock!

Got another run of the Wizard Tits shirts in the store right now...black tees this time.

Death Science Store

The Chopper Whisperer

Last weekend Tim and I packed up the bikes and headed south to the Black Sheep Misfits compound. Our bikes needed some serious attention, that Dave-O and Shoprag were more than willing to provide. Within 20 minutes my bike was running like it should, and after a few more hours, was actually road safe. Next up was Tim's Pan, and again, within 20 minutes was runnning. On top of all the PMA and PBR that was flowing through that garage, Tam made some bomb ass Chicken Bacon club sammiches for lunch! Can't beat the hospitality and friendship of the BSM. The Pan had to stay overnight to get some tranny issues worked out, but should be terrorizing the streets again soon. Dave-O is the closest thing I've ever met to a chopper whisperer! Thanks again Dave, Shoprag, and Tam!