The Chopper Whisperer

Last weekend Tim and I packed up the bikes and headed south to the Black Sheep Misfits compound. Our bikes needed some serious attention, that Dave-O and Shoprag were more than willing to provide. Within 20 minutes my bike was running like it should, and after a few more hours, was actually road safe. Next up was Tim's Pan, and again, within 20 minutes was runnning. On top of all the PMA and PBR that was flowing through that garage, Tam made some bomb ass Chicken Bacon club sammiches for lunch! Can't beat the hospitality and friendship of the BSM. The Pan had to stay overnight to get some tranny issues worked out, but should be terrorizing the streets again soon. Dave-O is the closest thing I've ever met to a chopper whisperer! Thanks again Dave, Shoprag, and Tam!

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Jay Cruz said...

Man I love these bikes!
If you ever want to sell that one in the top two pics PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET ME KNOW.
J Cruz