Senior Project

 Tim was cool enough to run a few of my pictures in Show Class issue six. I chose those specific pictures to be sort of a precursor to my senior project. Last summer I spent ten or so days with Adam Wright. I got to pick his brain and he inspired me to compile a book. As soon as I figured out who my senior seminar teacher was, I pitched him this idea of making a book that showcased the different mediums that I shot with, natural light non-edited besides some minor cropping. My original idea was to sell the books but I ran short on the layout and did them through Blurb.com. Long story short, I've decided to share them with everybody. My buddy Alan from Tainted Scribblins did a real sweet job on the cover art (I think that's the main reason I passed this class). My professor insisted that I included some writing so you can ignore that part and I hope you enjoy. Thanks again to everyone who helped.






DSmatt said...

Great work Benji! The books were a cool idea!

WhitelinePsycho said...

That's some 'real' shit, excellent.

CJ said...

excellent work! very enjoyable.