My buddy Josh has some rippled pipe that he's selling it's, machined and 18" long with a 1.75 OD and 1.37 ID mild steel. Comes in a brushed finish. He's asking 175 bucks for a set, dealer pricing is available. If interested shoot him an email at jmiller7820@yahoo.com

Stoked on this..... thanks Daniel......

Daniel put together a little behind the scenes video.... Pretty stoked on it.........


Pretty bummed to have gotten the news...

Found out one of the birds went down last night in Oman....2 men lost their lives. It really makes me miss all of my buddies from the squadron and reminds me of how truly dangerous flying was....Every day men and women in the military risk their lives...even in non combative situations. Just remember the men and women who serve and sometimes give the ultimate sacrifice for their country. God Speed HM15! Love and miss you guys!

New project

Time to build something new


Party At the Circus Bowl

The Guys are doing a shindig at the Circus Bowl, If you anywhere close you should hit this up!

A few shots from Born Free

Kinda late to the game on this but ya know... enjoy.


Haley's Comet

Well besides a few wires, a stripped bolt and changing a head gasket this thing is done! really cool and nerve racking at the same time to assemble it then take it around the block, I felt like all the parts were gonna fall off into a million pieces when i released the clutch and the bike went in gear( shows how much confidence i have in my self haha) but everything was fine the bike went straight and the brakes work! August Haley will get her license and I will have to get this buell going otherwise she will be riding me around town haha


Caption contest

If you get the best caption for Eric's awesome pic will send you some shit hahah go for it !!!


Lots more to do


It's a good start



Just a heads up its a fresh motor top to bottom rebuilt trans 18 rear 21 front custom controls s and s E carb kick only with. Y cams it's faster then your average iron head. Chrome rear fender

For sale?

Thinking of selling my iron head if your interested hit me up kyke_541@hotmail.com 1977 runs perfect Full custom



THE Chopper Show happening this weekend.....

I might be biased since Zac is part of the Show Class family and I consider all the HEAVY crew friends but...... this is one of the best shows I've been to.

Happening this weekend.... don't miss out!

Not choppers.... LAME life shit..... Anyone in NC do HVAC work...?

If you're looking for chopper shit look away now.....

I'll post some shots from the BBQ later......

Anyone in NC do HVAC work?  If so, please email me tim@deathscience.com..... my house is HOT as shit... I need someone to help me out.... I know it's lame but fuck it I'm HOT and not in my normal sexy way...... so, if anyone is down to help me out I'd be indebted.........

Thanks in advance.

Now back to un-lame chopper shit.........................


Fuck Monday's

So today at around 5 am me and a few guys from work went to eat at Denny's. After we ordered two guys cam in with guns yelling and telling us to get are hands up. We did as we Wer told as they took the stores money. Yea needles to say it shook me up good. Even after serving 5 years In the army and training and all that I still froze. And yes you really think of evry one you love. And how you'd miss them. So to all you guys my family And friends love you guys.


On the way to Ds BBQ

Caption Ron at the helm on the way to the Ds BBQ


TOMORROW..... Don't MISS THIS.....

First BBQ of the year is tomorrow.......

BBQ, Beer, Choppers, plenty of shirtless dudes... hot sun.....

Oh, and we are gonna have a Slip-n-Slide, 4-wheeler rides, BIKER Games.... it's ON!!!!!

Everyone is welcome unless you suck... if you suck steer clear.... ALL THIEVES will be DEALT WITH..... we are gonna have fun so bring your fun hat and fuck shit up with us......


Ride it OUT....

So, Born Free was a lot to take in.... so many cool bikes.... cool people to meet.... great weather.... pretty amazing..... great friends who took me in and took care of me - pretty humbling....

Our man with the camera Billy was busy as a one legged man at an ass kicking contest.... he shot bikes, booths, the crowd.... and found time to score us some HUGE feature bikes........ really really big things.....

One of the bikes Billy was shooting was Max Schaaf's BF build.... and lucky for us Daniel was filming while Billy was shooting.....

This is one of those sun shines on a dog's ass moments.... we were just lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to catch it....... check it out............. pretty fucking RAD!

Not wheely time

Pulling the front end up with Cailyn on the back is a good time but my sissy bar disagrees


Harley Inline Springer and 21 Star Wheel For Sale

Nice springer, not perfect, but very solid. Missing fender tabs, and brake stay mount is not original. Chrome is very good, no top clamp, 1 inch stem, and wheel is in very good condition. Rim is very skinny and straight. All brake parks are there.

Asking $1650 plus shipping for both.

I'm super busy this week but if you are interested you can, text or email me and I will get to you as soon as I can.


Valhalla Bound Fundraiser Winner...

We were able to raise a little cash for Mike's Dad, despite Paypal's efforts (and multiple calls and emails to me while I was out at Born Free). Thanks to everybody who donated money, and anybody who participated in the various other events surrounding Mike's passing. I'm sure his Dad appreciates every penny raised! The winner of the box of chopper glory is: DAKOTA ELLISON I will be shipping it out this week! Thanks again!


No mor black cases

And Wer off to a good start