1972 Sportster Chopper for sale....

The time has come to sell it.

Priorities have changed a bit, and this needs to go.

call text or email if you want the details






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you have to see this!!!!
Fafa explains how the hipster has evolved.

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One of my favorites missing a few members. Sucks we can't get every one together at the same time


Stocked up!

Added some more t-shirts to the Death Science Store, and we are casting the Titties and Beer lenses again for a little while...


social deviant

sweet cocaine

just a teaser hehe...more to come sooon


Having a killer time just got to glens


Show Class Issue 8 and Born Free Mag Release PARTY.....

So, we've had a little change in plans for tomorrow's release party... But thanks to Dave O and Shoprag we are back on track..... Gonna be a GOOD TIME.... Don't miss out....


Brown Derby
1940 Wilmington Hwy
Jacksonville NC 28540

Party still starts at 6.... Dave O is Gina grill and the bar has $1 PBR's....

If you're in or near Jacksonville don't miss this....


A little of what some of us have been up to....

The last couple months have been busy as shit for me and Billy.... killing ourselves getting 2 copies of the mag together at once...... well, we did it.... with a lot of help from Dirty Daniel and Damion the Van Man.......

2 Issues at the same time..... 

Issue 8.... Phil Guy killed the cover art (front to back) and we managed to land some amazing bikes from Born Free to run full features on.....

Plus all the normal goodies... shirts, hats, blah, blah, blah............ AND something SPECIAL..... a poster to commemorate the first year..... all 6 covers on one poster......... 

And, of course, the Born Free 4 Issue... thanks to Mike and Grant we got FULL ACCESS to the show.... we have shots of all the bikes and all the rad shit.... well, as much as we could cram into one mag.... bikes of the show, ladies of the show, lights of the show, sissy bars of the show...... hell, you get it...... a pretty solid run-down of what happened at the biggest chopper show of the year......... 

Here's a link to the STORE (just in case the HUGE button on the right side of the page didn't catch your eye).........


party time

having a little get together to celebrate my unborn child. ridin moto, then back to my house for some beers and burgers. bring your ol' lady and a pack of diapers.

holler if you're coming so i can buy enough beer.


thanks, josh


Super b son

Thanx to Tim at Mobtown and shop rag of the black sheep misfits my shovel has this sweet ass carb on it



My brother Trevor sent me this he's currently in the middle east with Seal Team 3 taking care of business. Miss this dude and look forward to helping him with his bike when he gets back!