For SALE...

Lights with bracket - $60 shipped in the US

Rims - high shoulder 18" aluminum rims... selling 2 of them (one has 2 small holes drilled in the side-wall - not sure why but doesn't look like it effects the integrity of the rim)... $40 for the one with the holes and $50 for the other (shipped in the US).  They are not marked with a brand that I can find.

Pegs... The Harley pegs and the 1 pegs... each $40 shipped to your door in the US.

35 mm front end (with or without the wheel).... without the wheel $250 shipped in the US.  With the front wheel $300 shipped comes with brake caliper and disc as well.  Looks to be complete and ready to run.

Set of chrome (maybe just polished but they look nice) 35 mm trees... $75 shipped to your door in the US.

Sportster tank.... looks ok inside... no cap.... small dent on the front.... $40 shipped to your door in the US.

Iron Cross taillight... $25 shipped to your door in the US.

If you want anything let me know.... tim@deathscience.com.



DSTim said...

Tank is GONE - Thanks!

Hairy Larry said...

Holes in sides of rim were probably for short sheet metal screws that acted as "rim locks" to prevent slippage of tire when they goosed it...