The War Ride!

This weekend Tim, Billy, Chad, and I packed up the Show Class van and headed north to Virginia. We drove straight to Buck's NSTC compound and proceeded to get hammered. Friday night was a good time...big thanks to all the NSTC boys! On Saturday, the Butcher Chop boys put together an awesome run, with the D-Day Memorial in Bedford as the halfway point. Lots of rad back roads with plenty of twists and turns. Saturday night was capped off with a killer BBQ, a great thrash band called Humongous, a raffle with some rad product, and a few fireworks. By the way, that bottle rocket was not aimed at you Jason...hahaha...Tim launched it straight up, and then it made a hard left out of nowhere. We had a great time! Josh, thanks for the hospitality, and thanks to Rhett, Jason, Will, and the rest of the Butcher Chop crew for a great weekend!

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WhitelinePsycho said...

Love the rad blog title shot, hold mine and I'll hold yours, too cool.