The bike I always wanted.

So I suppose everyone has that one bike that they saw way back whenever that started the obsession with this old bike shit. Mine was this 1967 XLCH my dad brought home when I was a kid. The sound of it, the way the big drum brakes looked, the feeling of being on the back with my pop rippin down some backroad at high speed... I was hooked from then on. He sold it to a friend when I was in high school but I never lost track of it. I always told the buyer that when he was ready to sell it, I wanted the call. Well that call came almost two years ago, the friend fell on some hard times, a price was agreed to, and the money changed hands. Now the story gets interesting. So the bike was being stored at another guys house, and my marriage was rapidly going in the shitter. Called the dude, he said it was in the shed and wasn't bothering anything and could stay till the shit blew over. Cool. So I tried getting hold of the guy over the summer and no answer. Next time the friend who had bought it came into town I ask if we can roll over and see what the deal is because I didn't even know where it was exactly. We go over and the house is burnt to the ground. Like nothing left except a facade and a basement. It's in town with neighbors all around so I ask what the deal is, he didn't have homeowners insurance and the house was owned outright. Hasn't been back since June when it happened. Go out in the back yard and there she is, stuffed under a bunch of boxes in a shed in the back yard. Spent a couple months trying to track the dude down but apparently the guy is homeless now and cant be located. Wayne and I were coming home this weekend from the swap meet in PA and stopped in to check on it. Looked around and said screw it, moved some rubble out of the way and pulled the bike out and loaded her up. I'm so happy that she is safe and sound and back in the family. First Harley I ever rode, first one I drove alone, and now she's safe in my garage where she belongs. A little rougher than when she left and due for a makeover, but I love this bike. Always have, always will. This little girls bike is better than any Knuckle to me. It's the bike I spent hours trying to kick over in the garage while my dad was at work and the reason I love this shit. She'll be the sickest thing on two wheels by spring. Loving life.


WhitelinePsycho said...

Totally righteous . . . karma brings it on home, great yarn.

David "Howling Moose" said...

Memories and the spirits of the past will guide your hands in the restoration. I will never have the chance to experience the same situation but I am STOKED to see the bike done.