Not a pot to piss in........

spent the past week out in far rockaway and rockaway beach trucking supplies syphoning gas from flooded cars for peoples generators so they can pump thousands of gallons of water out of there homes and have heat and some electric.... and cooking food for thousands of people left without shit from the hurricane that just passed .....no red cross and no fema at all wait fema had cell phone charging stations and i saw 1... 65 yr old lady in a car with a red cross sign in the few days ive been going there.....a good friend breeze told me how he was gonna and has been going out to help the efforts of his ladies group call rockaway renegades.....there is a few grass roots groups of people going out on there own collecting and bringing much needed supplies to all parts of staten island to rockaway beach.....not much else is showing support but groups like this.....if you feel like donating to a worth while cause that actually is providing needed supplies and warm food heres a link....   thanks peace and grease love vander


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Mike said...

Way to look out for people man. I lived in BK for a few years, and have more than a few friends (and a couple of ex-gf's) in Staten Island. I'm glad that someone is helping them out since our illustrious gov't orginazations aren't.