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"Still looking for a early shovel trans. It can need rebuild just be cracks on baring surface "

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Tis the season

Starting to get cold in Baltimore. Thinking of my DS brethren while putting some shit up around the house. Wife decided the pan needed some holiday spirit. Hopefully we can all get together soon.

Sporty for a good cause

My buddy Nathan is giving up on trying to be a outlaw and he is trying to sale his ironhead to finally get that sex change he's always dreamed of. Help him out and buy his bike. Hit him up... N_lilly1@yahoo.com


The War Ride Film

The War Ride from Show Class Magazine on Vimeo.

A few months ago, we had a great time up in Virginia, courtesy of the Butcher Chop crew. We met up at the Butcher Chop compound in Dry Fork, VA, then headed up to the Blue Ridge Parkway to Bedford, VA to see the D-Day Memorial. If you have never been to the D-Day memorial in person, it's a pretty amazing site to see and makes you think about the absolute brass balls it took to storm a beach like that with literal hell raining down on top of you. Makes you appreciate how tough these guys were, and how veterans of any age deserve our respect.

We had a great time. Only a few minor breakdowns along the way, played hot potato with the GoPro, made new friends, and rode some absolutely amazing roads. Can't wait for the 2nd annual War Ride.


Thankful for my grandfather

My inspiration for joining the army. He was a glider pilot in ww2 killed germans. And was kick ass. Still is take note to the big ass machete. Love you pop


All done

Next the trans gets polished



These are weld in sections for your custom pipes. They are machined out of mild steel DOM tubing. 1.75" OD and 1.37" ID come in 18" sections, with a nice smooth brushed finish ready for chrome or whatever. $150/set For questions email Josh at: jmiller7820@yahoo.com

Cool day for Murphy at the zoo


That's Paul good friend to Mobtown.

Got murph and Lena behind the sen at the zoo

Good weekend with big brother Jason

Went swapin with Jason after the dice party murph was being the zoo keeper. Lots of fun


Crazy week end for Baltimore Ds guys

More to come

NOS YOKOHAMA 4.00-19 for Sale

Really Nice, Cool Vintage Style Tread, They look real nice and chunky mounted (even on a 19x1.85 rim). Run them on the back or front or both like me. $100 Each Benji@deathscience.com



I'm in need if a generator shovel transmission. If you can help please hit me up kyle_541@hotmail.com. And it dos not half to be perfect as long as the case is good. Thanx!

New converts.... Brothers from WOLF Mothers.....

So, we roofied a couple more fellas into joining the dysfunctional FAMILY.........

Same game.... bikes and man love......

Reece aka Big Baby Jesus aka Slim Reaper.......

And Phil aka Machado Man.... aka a guy too big to give a nickname to that might get me smashed.....

Welcome to the Tender Dome........ we love you both already.........



Back to it at the shop ( Mobtown cycles) we knocked most of the 66 out and damn its awesome


O so close ....!!!!

End with a polished bang

Off to a rough start

Good bearings


We are making good head way on the 66 at Mobtown cycles. Tim and murph showing me how to do a bottom end the right way


Not a pot to piss in........

spent the past week out in far rockaway and rockaway beach trucking supplies syphoning gas from flooded cars for peoples generators so they can pump thousands of gallons of water out of there homes and have heat and some electric.... and cooking food for thousands of people left without shit from the hurricane that just passed .....no red cross and no fema at all wait fema had cell phone charging stations and i saw 1... 65 yr old lady in a car with a red cross sign in the few days ive been going there.....a good friend breeze told me how he was gonna and has been going out to help the efforts of his ladies group call rockaway renegades.....there is a few grass roots groups of people going out on there own collecting and bringing much needed supplies to all parts of staten island to rockaway beach.....not much else is showing support but groups like this.....if you feel like donating to a worth while cause that actually is providing needed supplies and warm food heres a link....   thanks peace and grease love vander



Antique Harley goodies for sale

I've got some stuff on ebay, go take a look. it's all no reserve, so some of it might go cheap...

check it...


On this day...

...in 1973, the world was cursed with Deacon John Timothy Lindicus Jr. the 3rd. Most of you know him as Tim...the creator of Show Class Magazine, co-founder of the trainwreck we call Death Science, and my Silent Bob style hetero lifemate. If it wasn't for this Willie Nelson lookin' ass nigga, I wouldn't even be in the chopper game. Nor would I have experienced what true brotherhood means for the last 10 years. Happy Birthday homie, I love you!