Thanx fingers !!!

These are awesome !!!!



For sale kyle_541@hotmail.com

For sale

1981 big boor 88 inch shovel with polished cases comes with transmission wheels tank and controls and front end hit me up kyle_541@hotmail.com



If you go vote for us that would rule 12 is you lucky number !!!!!!!


Vote me or Weswee

Go vote for me or Weswee for people's champ at showclassmag.com thanx we wana go to born free in style !!!!


Revenge Run tickets are on sale now!

The tickets are now in the store for sale! If you have any questions about the run, camping, raffle prizes, etc...please check out the other pages on the Revenge Run Site site. If you are purchasing extra shirts, and you DON'T want them shipped because you'll pick them up at registration, use this code at checkout to get rid of the shipping costs: NOSHIPPING For those that can't make the run, but wanted a shirt, they're in there. These will not ship until April 15th. REVENGE RUN STORE


Revenge Run 4 Update!

It's all set! Tickets will be for sale this week, and we'll announce that on all of our sites, as well as Facebook and Instagram when they're available. This year we had to change things up a bit in terms of the route, as the Outer Banks saw several storms in 2012 that did some significant damage to the roads and businesses there. As a result, we will NOT be able to take the long ferry from Ocracoke Island to Cedar Island, which is how we usually get to Wilmington for the end of the run party. INSTEAD, we will be spending 2 nights on the island, and ending it there. The first night on the island will be chill, with the second night being our rowdy run ending party. Both nights we'll have bonfires, booze, and good company. Saturday will be spent doing whatever you please...more riding up the Outer Banks, exploring Ocracoke Island, checking out the various lighthouses along the coast, touring the Blackbeard museum, etc... Please see the ROUTE page for more details regarding the route and activities. If you have any questions that aren't answered on the site or FAQ page, please email me: matt@deathscience.com Do not email me to complain about the changes made to the route...we had no choice. If you don't like it, don't come.


Northern bromancing at its finest...

Moving right along

Show class people's champ build by me ok kyle at Mobtown cycle



For a chrome shovelhead trans plate. Any body have one. Kyle_541@hotmail.com


polar bears

billy and matt would rock any bear club with those manly beards and chiseled faces. luckily they took a break from that scene and decided to call me yesterday to see if I wanted to ride a little.

 "fuck your full face. my odin beard keeps me warm."

 Billy is so relaxed that his bike drives him.

we ended up back at Gator's for some beer and Doritos.
no secret i love this bike.

all in all a great day. cold, yes. but the funnest thing ive done all week.


Yeahhhhh boyyyyy

Had a good time kickin it old school at gorgeous George's wedding. Good to see some of the fam. Turns out DS Tim is quite the lyricist.

HEAVY and DS together again!

Our main man Phil Guy did a 2013 version of the HEAVY + DS art that he did a couple years back.... and he FUCKING KILLED IT.... as usual...

Anyways, Zac has a LIMITED run of these prints available over in the HEAVY STORE.... get over there before you MISS out.....

Thanks again Phil and Zac.....

Shovel got new shoes!!!

Thanks to Tim and Trey Winslow I got an 8 over front end and a new set of invader wheels thanks brothers for making my Shovel come be what it is I'm so stoked on it.



Great homies

After seeing how great kyles 66 turned out I decided to go the same route and take the 49 to Tim and Murph at Mobtown cycle. I learned a lot more than I thought I would in just a couple days and I got to hang with my Baltimore DS family.
Thanks Kyle, Murph, Phil, and Tim

Show Class mag people's champ build

I'm pretty stoked about being considered as one of the possible builders for the Show Class born free build. My plans are to build a lane splitter around a 49 pan and fabricate as much of the bike myself as I can. I'll have a lot better shots of the bike in the next couple weeks